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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 2011 - V3 Near Net Shape Processing
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Advance in Powder Metallurgy of Titanium-Igor-S.-Polkin

Effect of Modified Oxide Mold on the A-Case-Seul-Lee

Aqueous Binder for Powder Injection Molding-Stella-Raynova

Effects of Heating Temperatures on Hot Spinning-Mei-Zhan

Beta Processing of Ti6Al4V-Microstructure and Properties-Thomas-Witulski

Characteristics of Microwave Sintering of Titanium Powder Compacts-S.-D.-Luo

Chloride Impurities in Titanium Powder Metallurgy-R.-J.-Low

Influence of Build Geometry on Beta Grain Structure and Texture-Alphones-A.-Antonysamy

Densification and Properties of Ti-SAl-2. 5Sn Alloy-Lei-Xu

Development of Low-cost and High-strength Titanium Alloy-Satoshi-Sugawara

Injection Molding of Mechanical Alloyed Ti-Fe-Zr Powder-H.-Ozkan-Gulsoy

Insights into the Formation of Titanium-Christian-Doblin

Experimental Study on Near-Net-Shape Forming of Titanium Alloy Powders-Jiwei-Wang

Microstructural Manipulation and Mechanical Properties-L.-C.-Zhang

Full-density Titanium Materials Fabricated by High Velocity Compaction Technology-Zhiqiao-Yan

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Metal Deposited Ti-6Al-4V-Pia-Akerfeldt

Near-net Shape Processing of High Nb Containing TiAI-Xiaoting-Liu

Homogeneous Flow and Superplastic Forming Process-X.-Zhou

Net Shape Processing of Titanium Alloys-Craig-A.-Brice

The Application of Isothermal Near Net-shape Forming Technology-Guo-Hongzhen

The Effect of Isothermal Sintering Time on the Sintered Microstructure-Y.-F.-Yang

Layer Build of Titanium Alloy Complex-Geometry Components-John-Halchak

The Effect of Sampling Method on Mechanical Properties-Wang-LanFang

The Fluidity of Cast Ti-1100 Alloy in a Centrifugal Casting Machine-Ertuan-Zhao

Numerical Simulation of Counter Gravity Casting of TiAl Blades-Y.-D.-Chu

Optimization of Parameters for Pressureless Sintering of Titanium-Changzhou-Yu

The Use of Titanium and Titanium Alloy Powder Compact Forging-Mingtu-Jia

Preface ToC

Preliminary Discussion of the Closing Mechanism of TCl 0 Alloy Casting-Wang-Xiaolin

Role of Hydrogen and Alloying Elements in Titanium Hydride-Dmytro-Savvakin

Simulating and Predicting the Process of Hot isostatic Pressing-Kai-Liu

Single Press and Sinter of ITP Process Ti6Al4V Powder-Xiaoyan-Xu

Study on Powder Metallurgy TCll Alloy and Near-Net-Shape Process-Wang-Liang

Superplastic Properties of Fine Grain TIMETAL-Yoji-Kosaka

Synthesis of Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Ni-Ti Biomaterial Powders-M.-Salehi

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