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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 2011 - V3 Biomedical and Health Application
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A New Method to Improve Mechanical and Biological Properties-Bernhard-Mingler

A Thermomechanical Treatment to Improve Superelasticity-W.-Elmay

Development of Biomedical Ti-Cr Alloys with Changeable Young' s Modulus-Xingfeng-Zhao

Characterization of Plasma Sprayed Hydroxyapatite-S.-Serder-Pazarlioglu

Chemical-Hydrothermal Synthesis of Bioinert Oxide Films on Ti Substrates-Masato-Ueda

Comparative Study of Ti-6Cr-3Sn Biomedical Alloy in Solution Treated-A.-Wadood

Corrosion Behavior of Biomedical Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn Alloy-Yun-Bai

Development of New Titanium Alloys with Changeable Young's Modulus-Xiaoli-Zhao

Deformation Mechanisms in the Ti-25Ta-24Nb Biomedical Titanium Alloy-E.-Bertrand

Deoxidation of NiTi Alloys Using Metallic Barium and their Microstructures-Narushima

Design of Low Young's Modulus Ti Alloys Using d Electrons Alloy Thoery-Song-Xiping

Development of Ultrafine and Nano-Crystalline Grain Structures-Damon-Kent

Electrochemical Studies on the Stability and Corrosion Resistance-Jelliti-Sami

Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Porous Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn Alloy-Xuying-Cheng

Fatigue Properties and Biocompatibility of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy-Josef-Strasky

Effect of Aging Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties-Y.-F.-Xu

Effect of Milling Time on the Microstructure of Ti35Nb2. SSnSHA Biocomposite-Xiaopeng-Wang

Gradation of Mechanical Properties by Local Heating in Beta TiNbSn Alloy-Shuji-Hanada

Grain Refinement in A+B-Type Ti-4. SAl-6Nb-2Fe-2Mo Alloys-Yasunori-Kimura

Effect of Powder Feeding Rate on in Situ Synthesis-Xiaowei-Lv

Effects of Mo Addition on Bond Strength of Ti-5Cr Alloys-Hsueh-Chuan-Hsu

Improvement in Fatigue Strength with Maintaining Young's Modulus-Masaaki-Nakai

Investigation of Shape Memory Effect and Superelasticity Behavior-Ning-Chen

First-principles Calculations of the Elastic Properties-You-Li

First-principles Determinations of Geometric Structure and Stability-Chun-Xia-Li

Micro Arc Oxidation of Porous Ti-25Nb-3Zr-3Mo-2Sn Alloy-Han-Jianye

Mechanical Properties of Surf ace Nanostructured Titanium Alloys-Peng-Cao

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Biomedical-Yu-Zhentao

Phase Stability and Elastic Constants in Ti-Ta Random Alloys-Minjie-Lai

Phase Stability and Elastic Properties of Ti-Mo-X-Mi-Gong

Oxidation Behavior and Effect of Layer Thickness on Whiteness and Exfoliation-E.-Miura-Fujiwara

Porosity and Microstructures of Porous Ti-Mo Alloys for Biomedical Application-Donghua-Yang

Preparation and Electrochemical Behavior of Ca-P Containing Porous Titania-Lei-Jin

Structure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-lOZr-xMo alloys-Wen-Fu-Ho

Study of Pore Size Distribution and Interconnection of Open-Cell Titanium-Derek-Liu

Surface Modification of Low-Modulus Ti35NbXZr Alloys with Nanotube Arrays-Dongyan-Ding

Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite Coated Antibacterial Titania Layer-Faiz-Muhaffel

The Corrosion Behaviour of Ti20Mo Alloy in Non-pasteurized-Daniel-Mareci

Two-step Gas Treatment of Commercially Pure Titanium-Nobuyuki-Umetsu

Young's Modulus of Ti-Cr-Sn-Zr Alloys with Meta-stable Beta Phase-Yonosuke-Murayama

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