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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 2011 - V3 Aerospace Applications
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A Novel Approach For The Fabrication of High Performance Titanium-Sabbir-Ahmed

Microstructure and Properties of the AICuFeCr Coating Magnetron-Tomasz-Moskalewicz

Analysis on Turning Ti-6Al-4V with Different Cooling Methods-Marcos-V.-Ribeiro

Microstructure and Microtexture of Linear Friction Welded Ti-6Al-4V-Yina-Guo

Prediction of the Microstructure Morphology and Tensile Properties-Marion-Bessagnet

Processing, Microstructure and Properties of a Large-scale Ti-6Al-4 V Alloy Plate-Yang-Jianchao

Producing Titanium Alloys with Sub Microcrystalline Structure-D.-Raspornya

Extending the Use of Titanium Alloys on A350XWB-S.-Audion

Fabrication of Large Scale Bars of Ti-6Al-4V ELI for Aerospace Application-Baoquan-Fu

Forming Technology of Large-diameter, Thin-walled and Weldless Tube-Qi-Jun

Fretting Fatigue Cracking Process of a Ti-10V-2Fe-3AI Titanium Alloy-Stephane-Heredia

Generating a Closed Simulation Chain for Hot Forged Aerospace Components-H.-Maderbacher

Industrial Research and Application of New High-strength TBS Titanium Alloy-Tiewei-Xu

Investigation of the Efficiency of the TiSSS Compared with T A6V Alloy-M.-Ben-Bettaieb

Novel Fatigue Characterization and its Evaluation on a Forged Ti-6Al-4 V Component-Wen-Tan

Obtaining Nanostructured Titanium by Twist Extrusion-V.-Varyukhin

Research and Development of Damage Tolerance Titanium Alloys-Zhu-Zhishou

Rolling Process of Wide and Thin Titanium Sheets-L.-Q.-Lv

Rough Turning of Titanium Alloy (6Al-4V)-Marcos-V.-Ribeiro

Stress Gradient Effect on the Cracking Process-R.-Ferre

The Vacuum Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloys for Commercial Airframes-Robert-Hill

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