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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 2011 V2 - Properties
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A Quantitative Approach-F.-Pettinari-Sturmel

Effect of Non Metallic Elements-Tao-He

Influence of Al Equivalent-Xiaomiao-Chen

The Effect of Heat Treatment Process-Shaoqiang-Li

Advanced Titanium Alloys-Carsten-Siemers

Aging Response and Properties-Hongchao-Kou

Effect of Omega Phase-Hee-Young-Kim

Influence of Alloy Elements-Shogo-Murakami

The Effect of Oxygen on Mechanical-Qiaoyan-Sun

Advances in Low Temperature-Zane-W.-Wyatt

Effect of Oxygen Content-Yang-Yingli

Influence of Heat Treatment-Wang-Xin

The Effects of Bimodal-Dongmei-Huo

Analysis of Double Shear-Zhongbo-Zhou

Characteristic Tensile Deformation-Tomonori-Kunieda

Crack Orientation Dependance-Shinji-Ando

Creation of High Strength-Tatsuya-Sekiguchi

Creep Behavior of High-Phani-P.-Gudipati

Crystal Plasticity and Quasi-Martin-R.-Bache

Cyclic Deformation Response-Jun-Huang

Effect of Processing Parameters-Du-Yu

Influence of Heating Temperature-Takashi-Konno

The Important Technology Parameters-Chen-Jun

Damage Tolerance Property-Heshulin

Damping Capacity and Surface-Yoshikazu-Mantani

Analysis of Heterogeneous-Motoaki-Morita

Effect of Rolling Process-Wang-Juanhua

Influence of Loading Manner-Jianke-Qiu

The Influence of Loading Directions-H.-Wang

Analysis of the Tension-Hongmei-Li

EBSD Orientation Analysis-Lina-Yang

Elements of Nb Content-S.-Y.-Sun

Evaluation of Wear Properties-Ali-Shamsipur

Effect of Si-Addition-Mohamed-Abdelkawy

Influence of Mechanical Surface-M.-Wollmann

The Influence of Microstructure-Adam-L.-Pilchak

Fabrication and Characterization-Guangzhong-Li

Failure Behaviour and Enegry-Nicholas-G.-Jones

Comparative Study in Pure-Yannick-Balcaen

Effect of Surfactant-Isa-Metin-Ozkara

Influence of Microstructure-Elisabeth-Aeby-Gautier

The Microstructures and Mechanical-Fengqi-Hou

Composite Modeling of a Two Phase-Jikang-Zhong

Grain Boundary Strain Transfer-Martin-A.-Crimp

Effect of Trace B-T.-Kitaura

Influence of Oxygen Content-Y.-Yang

The Preparation and Properties-Wu-Jin-Ping

Deformation and Crack Propagation-Jing-Chen

High Cycle Fatigue Strength-Halina-Garbacz

How Texture and Microtexture-N.-Gey

Effect of Two Heat Treatments-Xin-Shewei

Machinability of Timetal-Stacey-Sharp-Nyakana

The Residual Stress Varying-Xiaonan-Mao

Deformation Behaviour of Surface-Waldemar-Ziaja

In-Situ Thermal Stress-Masayuki-Nishida

Investigation of Faceted Crack-Adam-L.-Pilchak

Effects of Cold Rolling-Akira-Kawakami

Mechanical Anisotropy of Ti-Hiroaki-Matsumoto

The Role of Microtexture-Christopher-J.-Szczepanski

Deformation Features at Rolling-Vladimir-V.-Stolyarov

Effects of Combined Process-Guocai-Chen

Mechanical Property Study-Shang-Guo-Qiang

Deformation Mechanisms and Fatigue-Timothee-Duval

Effects of Heat Treatment on Microstructures-Yu-Wang

Mechanism of Mottle Pattern-Tetsuya-Sakamoto

Ductility and High Cycle-M.-Hagiwara

Effects of Heat Treatment on Transformation-Wang-Jian

Phase Constitution and Heat-M.-Ikeda

Ductility Improvement in High-Xiaohua-Min

Measurement of Plastic Zone-Liu-Cuiyun

Microscale Deformation in a Two-Rebecca-Sandala

Modelling Materials Properties-Zhanli-Guo

Effects of Hot Rolling Process-Zhang-Hailong

Phase Morphologies and Mechanical-L.-C.-Zhang

Effect of Aging Temperature-Wei-Chen

Effects of Microstructure-Lei-Wang

Properties and Applications-Mafred-Wollmann

Effect of Deformation Temperature-Xiaona-Peng

On the Relation Between Microstructure-Nicolas-Bayona-Carrillo

Effects of Re-Heat Treatment-Xie-Yingjie

Properties of Ti-5AL-Ge-Peng

Effect of Heat Treating Regime-Xiaoyun-Shi

Preface ToC

Primary A Phase VST5553-M.-S.-Kalienko

Effects of Severe Plastic-Jamal-Atoura

Quantification of Microstructural-Yongqing-Zhao

Effect of Heat Treatment on Fracture-Hongchuan-Ye

Effects of Thermo-mechanical Treatments-Shan-Yang

Quantitative Study on Relationships-Y.-Yang

Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure-Jinhui-Xi

Research for Thermal Stability-Tao-Hailin

Experimental Evidence of Dislocation-Philippe-Castany

Structural Relaxation of Ti-J.-N.-Mei

Effect of Heat Treatment on Properties-Wenzhong-Luo

Short Fatigue Crack Initiation-Yingjie-Ma

Steady State Creep of Ti-Zeng-Liying

Strain Localization and Planar-Jun-Huang

Surface Layer Properties-Mansour-Mhaede

Experimental Study of the Deformation-Vanessa-Vidal

Structural Stability and Stacking-J.-Huang

Effect of Heat Treatment Process-Yushe-Gao

Texture of Pure Titanium-Mamoru-Shimamura

The Role of Gd Addition-R.-Chen

Thermal Oxidized Layer-Alireza-Ebrahimi

Ti6AL4V Anisotropy-Walid-Hammami

TiPt Base High Temperature-Y.-Yamabe-Mitarai

Trial Manufacturing and Characterization-Ryoji-Hirai

Fatigue Behaviors of Commercially-Zihua-Zhao

Structure and Electrochemical-Xiangyu-Zhao

Effect of Heat Treatment-Lei-Wenguang

Fatigue Iife Variations Due-Cameron-Pleydell-Pearce

Studies and Researches on Ti-Ilie-Butnariu

Effect of Hot Rolling-Weidong-Wang

Fatigue Investigations and Numerical-Helge-Knobble

Study of Deformation Mechanisms-Christophe-Buirette

Effect of Microstructure on the Properties-Guo-Ping

Fatigue Properties of a New-Jianyun-Shen

Study on High Cycle-Yunjin-Lai

Effect of Microstructure-H.-Seto

X-ray Stress Measurement-Masashi-Haneoka

Flow Behavior of Commercial-Jong-Woo-Won

Study on Precipitates-Luo-Yuanyuan

Effect of Mo Content-S.-X.-Zhu

Flow Stress Behavior and Microstructural-Su-Hangbiao

The Effect of Different Solution-Hou-Zhimin

Effect of Nitride Coatings-Ronny-Steinert

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