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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 2011 - V2 Intermetallics & MMC's
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The Phase Transformation-Wei-Dang

Characterisation of a Ductile-Ropars-Ludovic

Application of Zirconia Ceramic-Yuyong-Chen

The Transformation Mechanism-Andreas-Stark

Characterization of Microstructure-Wang-Xing

Carbides in Ti-Heike-Gabrisch

Effect of Nb Content-Saeed-Heshmati-Manesh

Compressive Properties of High-Fan-Yang

Effect of Reinforcement Size-Bong-Jae-Choi

Designed Experiments for Optimized-Marc-Thomas

Development of High Temperature-J.-P.-Lin

Effects of Mo Addition-Hao-Zhang

Fatigue Behaviour of Advanced-Martin-R.-Bache

Effects of the Surface-Chunlei-Zhu

FEM Simulation of Hot-D.-J.-Yu

Flow Behavior and Microstructure-Shi-Puying

Formation Process of Ti-Yanbo-Sun

Fabrication of Continuous SiC-Tingting-Wang

Fabrication of Ti-Fei-Yang

Hot Deformation Behavior-Zhihai-Deng

Investigation of Inert Refractory-X.-Cheng

Isothermal Low Cycle-Ali-El-Chaikh

Hot Workability of Orthorhombie-Yong-Mao

Influence of Extrusion Temperature-Renci-Liu

Influence of Oxygen-Y.-L.-Yang

Manufacturing of Y-TiAl-Lei-Xu

Influence of Ti-Li-Daren

Molecular Dynamics Simulation-W.-J.-Zhao

Interfacial Reaction and Microstructure-X.-Luo

Nucleation of Crystallization-Robert-F.-Tournier

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties-Yongren-Liang

On the Site Ordering Behaviors-Bo-Wu

Opportunities of Increase-Nadezda-Nochovnaya

Phase Transition in Directionally-Hong-Zhong

Microstructure and Properties-Michael-H.-Loretto

Problems of Formation-Nadezda-Nochovnaya

Microstructure Evolution of Rapidly-Lihua-Chai

Rapid Solidification of Ti-K.-Zhou

Research on High Temperature-Deng-Chao

Microstructure Refinement-Yang-Xin

Room and Elevated Temperature-Xu-Zhang

Shear Localization and Cracking-Ulrich-Froebel

Sintering of Gamma Titanium-Y.-Xia

Microstructures of Directionally-Xianfei-Ding

Strengthening Mechanism of Ti-Yao-Zekun

Synthesis of Ti-Zhuo-Zheng-

Precipitation Process of the New-YiFan-Hu

Preparation and Characterization-Dou-Zhihe

Study on Explosive Welding Effect-Zhang-Hangyong

Study on Production of Pre-Alloyed-Lang-Zebao

The Effect of Molybdenum-Svea-Mayer

The Influence of Cooling Rate-Chao-Yang

The Influence of Thermomechanical-Jean-Baptiste-Fruhauf

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