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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 2011 -V1 Microstructure Evolution
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3D Observation of Isothermal-K.-Tsuchiya

A Study of Plastic Deformation-Lei-Bao

Microstructure and Texture Inhumogeneity-Juan-Zhao

The Effect of Processing Temperature-G.-C.Obasi

Deformation and Annealing Textures-Yi-Chen

Age Hardening Behaivour-Eiichi-Sukedai

Alpha 2 Precipitation-Zhiwei-Wu

Author Index

Microstructure Based Modeling-Li-Hongwei

The Effect of VAR-Zhijun-Yang

Deformation Textures of P-Hirobumi-Tobe

Beta Phase Decomposition-M.-Chu

Microstructure Evolution in Ti-Judith-Laukart

The Effects of Recrystallization Texture-Yan-Ma

Cause Analysis of Fracture-Huang-Deming

Dynamic Globularization Mechanism-L.-R.-Wang

Microstructure Evolution of TC16-Yang-Yang

The Incorporation of W Particles-Bin-Tang

Dynamic Phase Evolution-P.-Homporova

Densification Behavior of Ti-Jun-Wu

Determination of A-P Interface-Feng-Xu

Dissolution Kinetics of a Phase-Moukrane-Dehmas

Microstructure Formation in Alpha-David-Dye

The Influence of Sc-Xian-Nie

Early Stage A Phase-Hoi-Pang-Ng

Effect of a Laths-Nicolas-Escale

Elimination of Structure-S.-L.-Demakov

Experimental Investigation of Coarsening-Wu-Chuan

Microstructure of Heat Treated Ti-Zdenek-Spotz

The Microstructures of TiNbTaZr-Liqiang-Wang

Fabrication and Microstructure Characteristics-Waldemar-Serbinski

FE2 Scheme for Simulation-B.-Regener

Effect of Cold Rolling-Yuji-Takasaki

Finite Element Analysis-Bo-Tang

First Principles Investigation on Phase-J.-H.-Dai

Flow Behavior and Microstructure-Wei-Zhou

Formation of Rotation-Margarita-A.-Skotnikova

Microstructure Optimization by Hydrogen-Peter-Schmidt

Thermal Stability and Grain-Majid-Hoseini

Gas Tungsten Arc-Bin-Lu

Effect of Compressive Stress-Bin-Liu

General Regularities of Formation-Arkadiy-V.-Dobromyslov

Grain Structure Formation-Yingjuan-Zhang

Mircrostructure and Deformation Micromechanisms-Nicolas-Escale

Effect of Cooling Rate-Hui-Shao

Hierarchy of the Dislocation Glide-J.-M.-Raulot

High Temperature Deformation-Yanchun-Zhu

Model for Twin Variant-C.-Schuman

Effect of Heat Treatment-D.-T.-McDonald

In Situ SEM-EBSD-Katsushi-Matsumoto

Interdiffusion Study and Assessment-Liang-Feng

Modeling of P A Transformation-Paolo-Di-Napoli

Effect of High-Pressure-K.-Tsuchiya

Phase Field Simulation of Grain-M.-Yang

Effect of Interstitial Impurities-Masaki-Tahara

Kinetics of Recrystallization-Melanie-Semblanet

Phase Field Simulation-C.-Y.-Teng

Effect of Oxygen Content-Yajun-Fan

Phase Transformation and Microstructure-Yue-Fei

Martensitic Transformations-Yanchun-Lou

Mechanical Properties of Titanium-Khaled-M.-Ibrahim

Effect of Rolling and Annealing-Jiang-Haitao

Morphological and Textural Evolution-B.-Perumal

Effects of Boron-Aya-Tomita

Precipitation Sequences in Beta-Amico-Settefrati

Effects of Hot Deformation-Qi-Yunlian

On The Occurrence of a Nano-Hoi-Pang-Ng

Precipitations Characteristics of Ti-Feng-Sun

Effects of Surface Condition-Peter-Schmidt

Preparation and Microstructure of Porous-Changshu-Xiang

Evolution Microstructure of Forging-Fu-Baoquan

Impact Deformation of Large-Emma-Piozin

Preparation of an Oriented-R.-Ding

Relationship Between Microstructure and Tensile-Weijie-Lu

Research on the Dynamic Globularization-Weidong-Zeng

Evolution of Alpha Beta Transformation-Pascual-Tarin

Improvement in Ultrasonic-Shigeomi-Araki

Preparation of Thin Ti Films-Dongyang-Qin

Evolution of Beta Grain-Alfred-Krumphals

Improvement of Mechanical Properties-Satoshi-Emura

Simulation of Air Cooling-X.-D.-Wu

Stress and Strain Fields-Amico-Settefrati

Structure, Phase Composition-Anatoly-Illarionov

Subject Index

Preparation of Ti-D.-L.-Geng

Formation Conditions of Omega-Popov-A.-A.

Micro and Nanostructure Evolution-Helmut-Clemens

Transmission Electron Microscopy-R.-Ding

Twinning Structure in Beta-D.-H.-Ping

Quantitative Microstructural Analysis-Yuanfei-Han

Microstructural Characterization of Hot-F.-Warchomicka

Understanding of the Chip-Pawel-Rokicki

Quantitative Relationships-Nan-Hai

Microstructural Engineering For Improved Corrosion-R.-Mythili

Study of Sintering Hot Deformed-Liu-Haiyan

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of TA15-Shang-Xiuli

Study on the Beneficial Effects-Ali-El-Chaikh

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties-L.-H.-Wu

Study on the Crystal Structure-Chingfu-Li

Microstructure and Microtexture Associated-J.-Teixeira

The Effect of Cold Deformation-Anatoly-Illarionov

Microstructure and Texture Evolution-Shibayan-Roy

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