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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 2007 V2 - Wrought Processing
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Progress in Wrought Processing - Vladislav V. Tetyukhin

FEM Simulation of Microstructure-Jong Taek Yeom

Application of Microstructure and Damage-Vasisht Venkatesh

A Numerical Study of the Influence-A. F. Wilson

An Analysis of Microstructure in TIMETAL-N. Nasseri

Semisolid Forging of Titanium Alloy- Seijiro Maki

Manufacturing Technologies for Ti-Yusuke Momota

Forgings from Ti-M. Buscher

Integrated Computer Aided Design-Vladislav V. Tetyukhin

Impact of Die Shape-Aleksey S. Shibanov

State of the Art Process of Titanium Tube- Vladislav Valentinovich Tetyukhin

Grain Growth Behavior-Katsushi Matsumoto

Characteristic Features of Hot Deformation-Krzysztof Kubiak

Hot Working of Ti-S. J. Safavi

Dynamic Recrystallization in Titanium-Tadashi Furuhara

The Profile of Microstructure and Properties-Xiaonan Mao

Development of Sharp Local A-Linonel Germain

The Evolution of Lattice Strain-Seema Raghunathan

Comparative Study of Different Low Cost -Pavlo E. Markovsky

Grain Refinement by Means of Rapid Heating-Arndt Frischkorn

Discussion on the Texture Voids-Yansheng Zhang

Characterization of Texture and Microtexture-Peter Davies

Investigating Microstructural Evolution-Peter Davies

Crystallographic Texture and the Definition-Lionel Germain

Processing and Properties of Uniform Fine Grain-Vasisht Venkatesh

Phase Field Modeling of the Growth and Dissolution-Benoit Appolaire

Stability of Ti-B. Yazgan-Kokuoz

Anisothermal Alpha Phase Precipitation-Basak Yazgan-Kokuoz

The Influence of Heating Rate-Hui Chang

Production of Plates and Sheets-Raghavan Srinivasan

Development of a New A + B-Satoshi Matsumoto

Cold Formability and Rolling Ability-Tsutomu Takechi

Near Conventional Forging-S. Kremmer

Microstructure Homogeneity of Wrought-Xia Chang

Production of Gas Atomized Ti-T. Okumura

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties-Ryohei Aoto

Comparing the Hot Working Behaviour-Nicholas Jones

Microstructural Transformation of B-Maciej Motyka

Comparative Study of Forming Ti-Chi-Ping Lai

Optimization of Hot Workability-Ruining Wang

Sheet Rolling and Performance Evaluation-Donald S. Shill

Recycling Technology of Titanium-Young-Deuk Seo

The 40 Years of Baoji Titanium-Hanchen Wang

Recrystallization Kinetics of Ti-Ta Alloy-Wei Zhou

The Distribution Character of Ta-Qiao Lin

Numerical Simulation of Hot Push-Hengzhang Zhao

Study of Large Area-Liu Runsheng




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