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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 2007 V1 - Properties
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Microstructure Formation in Titanium Alloys - E. Aeby-Gautier

Ultrafine-Grained CP-Ti Fabricated - Daisuke Terada

Influence of Heat Generation during HPT-Straining - Yoshikazu Todaka

Anistropic Behavior of Pure-Titanium - Mantaro Ishiki

Influence of Grain Size and Strain Rate - George T. "Rusty" Gray III

Deep Drawing of Pure Titanium and Pure - Yasunori Harada

Forming of Long Titanium Alloy Cups - Yasunori Harada

Micro-indentation of Commercially Pure Titanium - Rong Chen

Direct Observation of Solidification and Morphological - Y.Komizo

Influence of Solid Solution Hydrogen on Grain - Hideki Fujii

In situ 3-D Imaging of Combined Microstructure - M. Karadge

The Reason to Produce Noises in Ultrasonic - Xiaohuai Ma

X-Ray Stress Measurement of Titanium - Ayumi Shiro

Formability of Newly Developed High-Performance - Hiroaki Otsuka

Creep Properties of Near Alpha Titanium Alloys - Yoji Kosaka

Formation of Gamma-massive-Ananthi-Sankaran

Description and Characterisation of Texture - Elena Uta

Recrystallization during Alpha+Beta - Phuong Vo

Microstructural Modeling of Cold Creep/Fatigue - Nabil Boutana

Inhomogeneous Strain Accumulation - L. Germain

Comparison of Isothermal and Thermomechanical - Thomas K. Heckel

Effect of Oxygen on Stress-Corrosion Cracking - Peter Pao

The Effect of Precipitates on Mechanical - Dong-Geun Lee

Modeling Formation of a Sideplates - Ning Ma

Prediction of Precipitate Morphology - Naoki Miyano

The Effect of Primary and Secondary Alpha - M.C. Brandes

Effect of Severe Deformation on the Indentation - Rong Chen

The Response of Ti-6Al-4V to One-Dimensional - J.C.F. Millett

Deformation Characteristics of Individual - A.F.Wilson

Dislocation Density Based Constitutive - Bijish Babu

A Hot Deformation Model for Two-Phase - M. Mulyadi

Modelling of Hot Deformation Behavior of Equiaxed - A. A. Ziaei Moayyed

Modeling of the Effect of a Plastic Deformation - J. Da Costa Teixeira

Microstructural and Mechanical Evaluation - Naoki Oiwa

Influence of Post Weld Heat Treatment - Igor V. Gorynin

The Role of Twinning on the Room Temperature - Sreeramamurthy Ankem

Straightly-aligned Dislocation Arrays - Tetsuya Matsunaga

Fatigue Crack Initiation Behavior at Cryogenic - Yoshinori Ono

Superplasticity in Ti-3Al-5V Alloy - Takashi Maeda

Superplastic Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy - Chan Hee Park

Study on Microstructures and Superplastic Properties - Zeng Liying

Analysis of Slip and Crack Initiation - Florent Bridier

Evolution of Lattice Strain in Ti-6Al-4V - Adam M Stapleton

Residual Stress-Induced Subsurface Fatigue - Marcin Kocan

Influence of Microstructure on Periodic - Jens Heidemann

Microstructural and Mean Stress Effects - J. Mueller

Statistical Evaluation of the Fatigue Life - Susanne Gebhard

Effects of Supra- and Subtransus Heat Treatments - J. Mueller

Crack Growth, Microstructure and Texture - Ioannis Bantounas

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties - Mehmet N. Gungor

Study on Microstructure Refinement - Dong Li

Heat Treatment Behavior of Ti-Cr - Satoshi Dol

Studies and Researches Concerning the Structure - Ilie Butnariu

Influence of Lanthanum Addition - Peter Jencus

Characteristic of Microstructure and Properties - Shouyong Wei

Investigation on the Anisotropy and the Hardening - Barbara Rossi

Microstructure and Mechanical Property of HRS - Hiroshi Fujiwara

Texture Characteristics of Pack Ply-rolling - Quan Hong

Titanium Alloys Design on Machinability and Forgeability - Shogo Murakami

Study on Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour - Hui Li

The Mechanical Properties of TC21 Alloy - Liang Feng

Transformation in Two - Phase Titanium - Nicolay Krylov

Element Partitioning Behavior - Takashi Maeda

Precipitation of Fine Beta-Phase - Tomohiro Ando

Characterization of the Nanophase Precipitations - Thierry Gloriant

Alpha Phase Structure Observed - Eiichi Sukedai

Effect of Microstructural Evolutions - Tatsuaki Sakamoto

Experimental Evidence for the Displacive - Stefan M.C. van Bohemen

Study of Microstructure Evolution of Grain Boundary - Suhash R. Dey

Phase Transformations in Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr-0.5Fe - James D. Cotton

Three-Dimensional Characterization and Mesoscale - Andrew B Geltmacher

Phase Kinetics Modelling of Titanium Alloys - Pedro E.J. Rivera-Diaz-del-Castillo

Properties of Amorphous/Nanocrystalline - Koichi Tsuchiya

Ballistic Evaluation of Titanium Alloys - John Fanning

Study of Transformations and Microstructural - Marc Carton

Comparison of the Microstructure and Mechanical - N. Clément

Heat Treatment, Microstructure, and Properties - John C. Fanning

Thermomechanical Processing - Vasisht Venkatesh

Inverse Modeling of Nanoindentation - Anne-Françoise Gerday

Flow Behaviour and Microstructure - F. Warchomicka

Low-Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of Metastable - Bernd Koch

The Effect of Yield Stress Level - Thoralf Krull

Mechanical and Texture Evaluations - M.R. Bache

Variant Selection and Texture - M. Preuss

Damping Behavior of Quenched - Yoshikazu Mantani

Effect of Alloying Elements on Hot Deformation - Behrang Poorganji

Anelastic Behavior of Ti-8mass%Mo - Yoshito Takemoto

The Effect of Deformation Mechanism - Ichiro Shimizu

Mechanical Properties and Microstructure - Satoshi Matsumoto

Effect of Cold Working and Annealing - Satoshi Matsumoto

Influence of Hot-Rolling and Aging on Mechanical - Tatsuro Morita

Work Hardening of Ti-20V-4Al-1Sn - S. Komatsu

In situ Characterization of the Transformation - Fabien Bruneseaux

High Temperature Deformation of Titanium - M.J.Tan

Effect of Cooling Rate on Superelasticity - Yusaku Tomio

Ductility Optimization through Plasticity Induced - Suresh Neelakantan

Investigation of Adiabatic Shear Bands - Chen Jun

Aging Response of a New Metastable - Peng Ge

Fabrication of Fine-Grained - T. Tsuchiyama

Mechanical Properties - Michiharu Ogawa

Local Deformation of Ti Alloys - C. Poletti

The Potential for Achieving Enhanced Mechanical - Senthilkumar Chandrasekaran

Fabrication of Ti2AlC/TiAl - Yuyong Chen

Study on Microstructure and Mechanics Properties - Fantao Kong

Mechanical Properties of (TiB+TiC) - Bong-Jae Choi

The Relationship of TiCp/Titanium - Pengsheng Zhang

Ideal Deformation in Gum Metal - Tianshu Li

Mechanical Properties and Phase Stability - Tadahiko Furuta

Elastic Deformation Behavior - Masashi Hara

Deformation of Ti-36Nb-2Ta-3Zr-0.3O - Russell Tailing

Special Deformation Mechanisms in Gum Metal - Mikhail Yu. Gutkin

The Deformation of Gum Metal in Nanoindentation - Elizabeth A. Withey

Pres 151 -forthcoming-

Severe Plastic Deformation Applied - Williams Lefebvre

Deformation Studies - Francisco A. Garcia-Pastor

Control of Misfit Dislocations on Gamma - Yasunari Toriyama

A Novel in-situ Composite Structure - Fritz Appel

Processing of TiAl Alloys - Alain Couret

Mechanical Properties and Formability - Hongbao Yu

Thermophysical Properties of Titanium Aluminides - Iván Egry

Effects of Strain Rate on Tensile Properties - Keizo Hashimoto

Axial-Torsional Thermo-mechanical - Stephen P. Brookes

Micromechanical Modeling of Near-Gamma - Claudio Zambaldi

Influence of C and Nb Concentrations - Andreas Stark

Performance of Ti - B. Gabbitas

Processing Microstructure and Property - Shiqiong Li

The Effect of Boron on the Elevated-Temperature - Carl J. Boehlert

B2 Grain Refinement of - Satoshi Emura

Compositional Modification and Property Evaluation - M. Hagiwara

A New Free Machining Titanium - Carsten Siemers

Processing and Properties of Timetal 54M - Vasisht Venkatesh

Processing and Characterisation of Rapidly - Hélène Lefaix

Change of Mechanical Properties - Mohamed Abdel-Hady

Formation of Ti2FeSn Compound - Takao Kozakai

Effect of Mo Addition on FeTi Formation - Kenichi Mori

Structure and deformation behavior - Dmitri V. Louzguine-Luzgin

An Overview of Titanium Alloys Modified - Sesh Tamirisa

Fine-Grained Titanium by Inclusion-Assisted - Y. Komizo

Mechanical Behavior of B Modified - Indrani Sen

Chemical Homogeneity, Structure, and Properties - Stacey Nyakana

Microstructure Property Comparison - J. G. Ferrero

Production of Titanium Components - Orest M. Ivasishin

The Equal Channel Angular Processing - Colleen J. Bettles

Effect of Beta Stability - Hans-Jürgen Christ

Improvement of the Fatigue Properties of Metastable - Peter Schmidt

Hydrogen Absorption Behaviors of Titanium - Hideki Fujii

Metallographic Structures and Hydrogenation - H. T. Takeshita

Development and Application of Microstructure - David Furrer

Titanium Metallography Using Heat Tinting - Megan L. Harper

Study on Interface Reaction and Phase - Jing Tian

Residual Stress Measurement of Titanium - Masayuki Nishida

Structural-Phase Transformation in Metal - Margarita Skotnikova

High Temperature Shape Memory - Pio John S. Buenconsejo

Annealing Effect on Martensitic Transformation - Kai-Nan Lin

New Titanium Alloys Designed and Developed - Yongqing Zhao

Effects of Alloying Elements - Shewei Xin

Research on Microstructure and Properties - Yuanyuan Luo

Hot Deformation Behavior and Constitutive Equation - Qi Yunlian

Research on Creep Property at the Elevated - Ping Guo


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