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WTCP 1999 Volume 3 - Raw Materials, Sponge Production
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 Table of Contents

 Improvement of the process and apparatus-A-I-Guljakin

Outlook for Titania Slag Production in CIS Countries-A-N-Petrunko

Research activities on cost effective-Dr-Eng-Y-Kawabe

Study on Mathematical Modelling of Fluidized Bed-Prof-WangGuang-Wen

Technical Re-equipment of Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Plant-V-V-Telin

Technology of titanium shaving briquetting-K-B-Abramova

Titanium Raw Materials of the Kola Peninsula-V-T-Kalinnikov

Active Slag ESR Refining-A-D-Riabtsev

Application of Titanium Sponge-G-A-Kolobov

Casting of titanium slabs-V-N-Chubarov

Development of macrostructures in titanium-M-I-Musatov

Development of process for titanium-A-N-Petrunko

Direct oxygen removal-Toru-H-Okabe

Distribution of Radionuclides-S-M-Grashchenko

Electric-Slag Smelting-Ya-Yu-Kompan

Electron Beam Cold Hearth Melt-V-Fedorov

 electron beam melting-B-E-Paton

ESR for titanium-B-E-Paton

Influence of Some Thermodynamic-A-L-Bereslavski

Investigations on Improvment-S-V-Ogurtsov

Investigations on reduction-O-A-Putina

Magnesium-Thermal Process-A-A-Putin

Magnetically-Controlled Electroslag-Ya-Yu-Kompan

Magniethermic Synthesis of refractory-S-V-Aleksandrovskij

Microstructural Characterization-Kun-Fung-Lin

Numeric Analysis of Thermophysical-P-S-Altman

Obtainment of Titanium Dioxide-Alizadeh-Zaur-Islamovich

Peculiarities of Process-Ya-Yu-Kompan

Production of titanium sponge-Yu-V-Latash

Properties of low cost-M-Blum

Quality of Production Ingots-V-V-Tetyukhin

Refinement of titanium alloys-V-V-Tetyukhin

Some Aspects of Production Process-P-S-Altman

 Spectrophotometric check-Yu-S-Levin

Status of Titanium Cold-Eldon-Poulsen

Study of the Possibility-V-M-Sokolov

Testing of Pilot Samples-N-P-Nechaev

The Behaviour of the Titanium Dioxide-I-Yu-Archakov

The Design Optimization of Gas-I-A-Karimov

The Morphology of Crystallization-S-S-Ushkov

The use of mathematical models-J-P-Bellot

Thermodynamic Properties of the Melts-S-I-Shornicov

Titanium Production by Magnesiothermic-T-Uda

Use of electron beam skull-S-Ladokhin

VSMPO-AVISMA States and Growth-V-V-Tetyukhin














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