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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 1992 V3 - Surfaces, Envionmental Effects, Protection
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A New Corrosion-Resistant Titanium Alloy-Hu-Yaojun

A Study on the Anodic Behavior of Titanium-Yongxin-Zhao

Electrochemical Behavior of Tin Coated Titanium in a Hydrochloric Acid Solution-T.-Yashiki

Electrochemical Behavior of Titanium Implanted with Molybdenum-Yasuaki-Sugizaki

Hydrogen Absorption of Titanium-Liv-Lunde

Corrosion Behavior of Ti-Ni-Pd,Ru-Cr Alloys-Keiji-Ueda

Dame Regularities of Alloying Elements on Alpha-Base-Stal-Ushkov

Hydrogen Assisted Stress Cracking of Titanium Alloys-I.-Azkarate

Effects of Oxygen and Iron on the Environmental and Mechanical Properties-R.-W.-Judy-Jr.

Hydrogen Environment Embrittlement of Beta Titanium Alloys-Lisa-M.-Young

Enhancing Corrosion Resistance of the-R.-W.-Schutz

Environmental Influence on the Fatigue Crack Growth Performance-R.-Foerch

Oxidation Characteristics of Beta-21S in Air in the Temperature-T.-A.-Wallace

Oxidation of High Temperature Titanium Alloys-T.-J.-Johnson

Investigation of Properties of Alpha-Titanium Alloys in a Geseous-Victor-Sytshikov

Mechanical Properties of Coated Titanium Beta-21S After Exposures to Air-K.-E.-Wiedemann

Metallurgy of the Ti-N System Heat Treatment of Titanium Mono-Nitride-Yong-Un-Sohn

Microstructure Transformation and Cracking of Titanium Alloys-P.-Blanchard

Properties of Surface Oxides on Titanium and Some Titanium Alloys-N.-Frey

Protective Coatings for Titanium Aluminide Intermetallics-R.-L.-McCarron

Reliable Operation and Enviromental Compatibility in Cold-D.-A.-Keller

Results on Nitriding Titanium and TiAl6V4 with a New-F.-Preisser

Ripple Load Degradation in Titanium Alloys-P.-S.-Pai

Sputter Ion Plating on Ti6A14V and Ti CP-Preparation-M.-Meyer

Structural Characterization of Plasma Nitrided Titanium Alloys-M.-Salehi

Surface Hardening of Ti-6A1-4V Alloy by Electrochemical-Tair-I.-Wu

The Detection of Crevice Corrosion in Titanium and its Alloys-D.-D.-Bergman

The Effect of Beta Stabilizers on Low Cycle Life Sensitivity-Stal-Ushkov

The Electroplating of Titanium From NaCl-KCl Fused Salt-Shuzhen-Duan

The Influence of Hydrogen on the Mechanical-George-A.-Young-Jr.

The Optimisation of Descaling Oxied Skin of Ti-2.5Cu Alloy-Cai-Xuezhang

The Strengthening of Friction Unit Parts Produced-Vitaliy-Goldfine

Thin N2-H2O Ion Beam Treated Titanium Layers as Diffusion-B.-Kempf


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