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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 1992 V3 -Raw Material,Melting,Recycling and Primary Processing
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A New Method to Produce Segregation-free Ingot-Hiroshi-Hayakawa

Industrial Production of High Purity Titanium-Y.-Yoshimura

Arc-Slag Remelting of Titanium and Titanium Alloys-B.-E.-Paton

Industrial Production of Spongy Titanium-A.-E.-Andreev

Characteristics of Niobium-Aluminum Master Alloy-Edward-A.-Loria

Critical Review Raw Materials, Melting, Recycling-P.-J.-Bania

Titanium Alloy Hearth Melt Technology-C.-E.-Shamblen

Developing a New Continuous Process for Making Titanium-Rene-Winand

Doss, An Industrial Process for Removing Oxygen-Richard-L.-Fisher

Titanium Sponge Automatic Sorting-A.-N.-Petrunko

Electrorefining Titanium-The Process Capability-H.-W.-Rosenberg

Electrosiag Remelting of Titanium-Alok-Choudhury

Electrowinning of Titanium From Sulfuric-Sandra-L.-Bribiesca

Estimating Domestic Titanium Requirements-Richard-L.-Fisher

Five-Tonne Titanium Ingots Produced by Skull Melting-M.-I.-Musatov

Hid and Hdi Dissolution During Titanium Melting Processes-A.-Mitchell

High Intensity Magnetic Removal of Paramagnetic-Ronald-Young

Induction Slag Process for Producing Titanium by Reduction-G.-T.-Fisher

Investigation of Heat-Exchange in the Electrode-Klaus-Rudinger

Large Scale Statistically Based Exception Reporting in Vacuum Arc Melting-Warren-George

Leaching of Ilmenite With Sulfuric Acid-Thiourea Solutions-Francisco-J.-Tavera

Oxygen Contamination of Titanium Sponge in the Kroll-Process-S.-V.-Aleksandrovsky

Potentialities of Electroslag Remelting as Applied-Radchenko-V.-N.

Preparation and Characterization of Extra-Low-Oxygen-T.-H.-Okabe

Production Titanium Plasma Cold Hearth Melting-W.-R.-Chinnis

Recent Improvements in the Economics of Plasma Melting-R.-C.-Eschenback

State of the Art in Electron Beam Melting of Titanium-C.-H.-Entrekin

Temperature Measurements of Surface and Evaporated-A.-Tomita

The Effects of Plasma Cold-Hearth Melting on the Production-J.-W.-Sears

Thermal Modelling of Solidification and Cooling of an Electron Beam-J.-P.-Bellot

Thermochemical Analysis of Kroll Process for Titanium Sponge Production-Ch.-Rvs-Nagesh

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