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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 1992 V3 - Metal Matrix Composites
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Advanced Powder Metal Titanium Alloy Matrix-Stanley-Abkowitz

Fiber-Matrix Interface Structure and Fracture Behavior in Continuous-Donald-E.-Moral,-Ph.-D.

Fiber-Matrix Interfacial Behavior in DiC-Titanium Alloy Composites-I.-Roman

Interfacial Properties and Fatigue Crack Propagation in Continuously-K.-M.-Fox

Combustion Synthesis of TiC-Al203-Ti Ceramic-Metal-K.-R.-Hunter

Continuously Reinforced Titanium Based MMCS Produced by the Matrix-C.-M-Ward-Close

Cyclic Fatigue Resistance of Fibre Reinforced Titanium Metal Matrix-A.-R.-Ibbotson

Deformation Mechanisms in a Ti-Alloy-SiC Metal-B.-S.-Majumdar

Interfacial Reaction Kinetics in Alpha and Beta Titanium Based-E.-N.-T.-Jong

Micromechanical Prediction of the Thermal Stresses in Sigma Fiber-D.-Upadhyaya

Micromechanisms of Damage in Fibre Reinforced Titanium Based Metal-A.-R.-Ibbotson

Microstructure of Undirectional-Gopal-Das,-Stephan-M.-Russ

Microstructure-Property Correlation in a Unidirectional-Gopal-Das

Microstructures and Tensile Properties of Titanium-Based-Masuo-Hagiwara

Titanium Based Composites-T.-W.-Clyne

Longitudinal Creep Behavior and Damage-S.-W.-Schwenker

Titanium Ceramic Composites Produced by Laser Processing-J.-H.-Abboud

Metal-Ceramic Composite Layer Formation on Titanium-S.-Mridha

Micromodelling and Methodology of Assessment of Fibre Reinforced-D.-C.-Cardona

Selective Reinformcement of Investment Cast Titanium Components-Stewart-J.-Veeck

SIC Fibre-TI-Based Composites- Processing, Microstructure-Z.-X.-Guo

The Forging Characteristics of Two Ti-6Al-4V-Based Particulate Composites-T.-P.-Johnson

The Use of Pushout Testing to Investigate the Interfacial Mechanical Properties-M.-C.-Watson

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