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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 1992 V2 - Physical and Mechanical Properties
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A State Variable Material Model for Superplastic-Daniel-A.-Mosher

Creep Behavior and Thermal Stability of a Novel High Temperature-Han-Chuanxi

Adiabatic Shear Failure of the Titanium-L.-W.-Meyer

Creep-Fatigue Interaction in Titanium Alloy-M.-Tavafoghi

Effect of Duplex-Aging After Cold-Working on he Mechanical-Naotake-Niwa

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Cyclic Softening of Ti-6A1-4V Alloy-F.-J.-Gil

Deformation of Beta Titanium Solid Solution Alloys-Hiroshi-Oikawa

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties-D.-P.-Davies

Effect of Nb and W on Mechanical Properties and Oxidation Resistance of High-Han-Chuanxi

Fracture Characteristics of Solution-Treated T1-15V-3Cr-3Sn-3AL Alloy-Kotobu-Nagai

Effect of Zr. Sn and Al Addition on Mechanical Properties of Metastale-S.-Isiyama

Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V At Elevated Temperature-J.-Petit

Hot Strength of TI and TI Alloys Deformed in Axial Compression-Ronaldo-A.-N.-M.-Barbosa

Fatigue Crack Growth Mechanisms of Two Titanium Alloys-Y.-Dai

Fatigue Crack Propagation in Ti-6A1-4V Alloys-M.-Niinomi

Fatigue Under Tension-Torsion Loading in IMI685-W.-J.-Evans

High Cycle Fatigue Properties of TI-6AL-4V Alloys-Kotobu-Nagai

Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Ti 6246-A.-S.-Beranger

High Temperature Deformation Behavior of a alpha-bata and bata Titanium Alloys-M.-N.-Vijayshankar

Modelling of Texture Evolution During Thermomechanical Treatments-M.-J.-Philippe

Improvement of Ductility and Strength of TI-25AI-10Nb-3V-1Mo by TMT-J.-Kumpfert

Improvement of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Beta Ti Alloy-Akira Nozue

Influence of Processing Variables on the Mechanical Properties of-D.-P.-Davies

Plastic Behavior of Ti-15-3 Alloy During Tensile and Deep Drawing Deformation-Luo-Guozhen

Influence of Thermomechanical Processing on the Mechanical Properties of-D.-P.-Davies

Mechanical Behaviour of Extruded I-M and P-M Super-M.-Thomas

Mechanical Properties of Titanium Alloys-G.-Lutjering

Some Factors Affecting the Creep Properties of Ti 6242-K.-E.-Thiehsen

Strain-Rate and Temperature Effects on the Deformation-L.-S.-Harbison

Strengthening Mechanisms in Undermatched Titanium Welds-M.-E.-Wells

Tension Creep of a Single Phases-R.-W.-Hayes,-P.-L.-Martin

The Behaviors of Fretting and Fretting Fatigue-Wang-Shihong

The Deformation and Fracture Behaviors-Fusheng-Sun

The Effect of Boron and Cerium on the Creep Behavior-Zhang-Jinxu

The Microstructural Features Associated With the Growth of Short Fatigue-A.-L.-Dowson

The Monitoring of Anisotropy of Physico-Mechanical-Igor-Gorynin

The Properties of TI-6AL-2SN-2ZR-2MO-2CR Sheet-R.-R.-Boyer

The Role of Hydrogen in Cyclic and Dwell Sensitive Fatigue-W.-J.-Evans

The Tenslle Properties of Post-Superplastically Formed Ti-6Al-4V-Han Bing-Qiang

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties-Luo-Guozhen

Small Crack Growth at Elevated Temperatures-S.-H.-Spence

Small Crack Growth at Stress Concentrations in a Near Alpha Titanium Alloy-W.-J.-Evans

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