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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 1992 V2 - Intermetallics
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Table of Contents

a-y Peritectic Oscillations in Directionally Solidified-David-B.-Snow

Creep of Ti-24Al-11Nb-Diane-E.-Albert,-Anthony-W.-Thompson

Effect of Refining Grains on Mechanical Properties in Ti-Rich TiAl-T.Maeda

Crack Growth Resistance of Alpha-Two Based Titanium-R.-A.-Chave

Effects of Environment on Fatigue Crack Growth in a Ti3Al-R.-J.-T.-Penton

Deformation of the Orthorhombic Phase in Ti-Al-Nb Alloys-D.-Banerjee

Deoxidation of TiAl Intermetallic Compounds-T.-H.-Okabe

Effects of Microstructure in Hydrogen Embrittlement-Anthony-W.-Thompson

Environmental Effects on Fatigue Properties-Prasad-S.-Godavarti

Effects of Microstructure on Fatigue Crack Growth at-R.-J.-T.-Penton

Fracture and Fatigue of TiAl Based Aluminides-A.-W.-James

Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding of a Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb-L.-C.-Mallory

Effects of Processing and Heat Treatment on Microstructure-C.-F.-Yolton

Micromechanisms of Fracture in Alpha Two Based Titanium-R.-A.-Chave

Micromechanisms of Fracture in Titanium Aluminides-Anthony-W.-Thompson

Influence of Strain Rate on the Structure-Property-George-T.-Gray-III

Microstructural and Textural Changes During-Ravi-Verma-and-Amit-K.-Ghosh

Microstructural Development i Ingot and Forged-M.-Jezioro

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Al-(CrSi) Alloys-G.-Frommeyer

Microstructure and Properties of Forged Plasma Arc Melted-C.-Huang

Microstructure, Tensile Ductility, and Fracture Toughness-C.-H.-Ward

Microstructures and Mechanical Behavior of Gamma-Masaharu-Yamaguchi

On the Influence of the Phase Morphology on the Mechanical-G.-Proske

Phase Equilibria in Ti-Al-Nb Alloys Near Ti2NbAl-R.-G.-Rowe

Processing and Properties of Ductile Phase-Mahyar-S.-Dadkhah

Phase Stability in Ti3Al+X Base (X=Nb, Mo, V, Ta, Fe) Alloys-M.-Thomas

Recrystallization and Its Effect on the Flow-N.-K.-Park

The Effect of Chromium on the Kinetics of Alpha-P.-A.-Mcquay

Spray Forming of TI-Aluminide-Based Alloys-J.-W.-Sears

The Effect of Processing on the Microstructure and Tensile Properties-G.-E.-Fuchs

Structure-Property Relationships of Investment Cast-D.-A.-Wheeler

The Chemistry and Structure of Plasma-Melted y-Based-R.-V.-Ramanujan

The Isothermal Forging of the Ti3Al Based Alloy.-J.-C.-F.-Millett

The Role of Silicon in a Ti3Al Based Alloy-D.-J.-Arrell

Thermal Strains in Titanium Aluminide and Nickel-A.-Saigal

Transformation Kinetics in y+x2 TiAl-Based Alloys-A.-Denquin

The Effects of Al, Cr, Nb, and Ta on the Tensile Properties of-C.-M.-Austin

The Influence of Deviation From Stoichiometry on-Isabelle-Ehrhart

The Influence of Forging on the Microstructure of Plasma-Melted-X.-D.-Zhang

Wrought Processing of a Gamma Titanium Aluminide Alloy-J.-C.-Chesnutt

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