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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 1992 V2 - Forging, Forming, Joining, and Casting
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A New Calcia Technology for Investment Casting of Titanium-Serge-Prigent

A Study on the Trans-Beta Hot Die Forging-Wang-Jinyou

Effect of Contamination by Air on the Tig Welding of Commercially Pure-M.-F.-Gittos

An Investigation of the Characteristics of Bonding Strength-Takao-Kawanami

Effect of Diamond Wheel Grain Size on the Grindability-Nobuo-Kumagai

Effect of Interfacial Microvoid Geometry During Diffusion-H.-A.-Nied

Characterization of Ti-6-22-22S- A High Strength-G.-W.-Kuhlman

Computer Simulation of Changes in Temperature and Stresses-M.-Ya.-Burn

Effect of Processing on Tensile and Creep Properties of Two-D.-Eylon

Effects of Hip and Heat Treatment on the Microstructure-P.-E.-Jones

Effects of Microstructure on the Mechanical Properties-W.-J.-Porter

Effects of Strain Path Changes on Work Hardening in Titanium Sheet-W.-T.-Roberts

High Strength alpha + beta beta-Titanium Alloys-I.-S.-Polkin

Hot Bar Rolling of Ti-6Al-4V in a Continuous Mill-Mikio-Morga

Hot Deformation of the High Strength Betacez Titanium Alloy-F.-Montheillet

High Temperature Flow Localization in Coarse Grain Windmanstatten-H.-J.-Rack

Interface Characteristics of Solid-Phase Welds Between-M.-C.-Juhas

Isostatic Diffusion Bonding of Superplastic-N.-Ridley

Laser Forming of Near Shapes-F.-G.-Arcella

Laser Welding of an Oxidation Resistant-P.-S.-Liu

Manufacture and Properties of Heavy Open-Die Forgings-D.-Fischer

Manufacturing of Large Turbine Blades of Titanium Alloy-Takao-Satoh

Near-Net Shape Processing of Gamma and XD Gamma-D.-E.-Larsen,-Jr.

Microstructure and Property Modification of Cast Alpha-2 Titanium-L.-S.-Apgar

Superplastic Behavior of Ti-6A1-4V and B-Enhanced-M.-L.-Meier

Plasma Arc Welding of TA6V Titanium Alloy-C.-Boucher

Postweld Heat Treatment of GTA Welds in a High-Strength-W.-A.-Baeslack-III

Superplastic Deformation Behaviour of Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn-0.5Si-L.-B.-Duffy

Superplastic Deformation Properties of As-Received-M.-A.-Hassan

Recent Advances in Titanium Investment Casting-M.-S.-Cianci

Superplastic Forming of Industrial Parts-Christine-Corsini

Seamless Thin-Walled TiAl6V4 Tubes Manufactured By Flow-Forming-M.-Koch

Some Aspects of Formation of Joints of Various Configurations-N.-F.-Anoshkin

Superplasticity and Post-Forming Room Temperature Tensile-M.-A.-Hassan

Strengthening and Toughening of Alpha-Beta Titanium Alloys By-Minoru-Okada

Structure and Mechanical Properties of VT22-I.-S.-Polkin

Thermomechanical B-Processing of High Strength Medium Temperature-P.-E.-Mosser

Titanium- a Review of Current Forming and Fabrication-J-W-Brooks

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