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World Titanium Conference Proceedings 1992 V1 - Microstructure and Properties
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Structural Strengthening of the High Concentration-L.-K.-Kondratenko

An Investigation of the Effects of Heat Treatment-W.-O.-Soboyejo

Structure Property Relationships in Near Beta-A.-I.-P.-Nwobu

An Investigation on Strengthening Process-X.-K.-Meng

The Effect of Deformation and Heat Treatment-B.-I.-Bondarev

Correlation Between Microstructure and Creep-C.-Andres

The Effect of Microstructure and Carbon on the Tensile-W.-E.-Dowling

Correlation of Mechanical Properties and-Henry-R.-Phelps

Development of Titanium-Dr.-S.-C.-Sharma

The Effect of Process Route and Rare Earth Content on the-A.-P.-Woodfield

Creep and High Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue of-Shahid Bashir

Evaluation of R.-C.-Bliss

The Effect of Texture on Impact Energy-Cai-Xuezhang

Creep Behavior of Ti-24Al-11Nb-M.-Khobaib

The Effect of Thermal Treatment-Daniel-P.-Dennies

Deformation and Fracture Mechanisms in the-Y.-Combres-G.-Dumas

The Influence of Microstructure on the Creep Behavior-Bran-D.-Worth

Deformation Behavior of an Age-Hardenable-L.-S.-Quattrocchi

Hot Deformation Microstructure Study in Ti-6Al-4V-C.-Servant

The Influence of Silicon and Silicides on the Properties-D.-F.-Neal

Effect of Cold Work and Heat Treatment-M.-A.-Imam

Improvement of Structure and Properties of-O.-M.-Ivasishin

In-situ Strengthening in Titanium-A.-M.-Russell

The Influence of Thermal Exposure on Properties and Microstructre-W.-T.-Donlon

Effect of Heat Treatments on the Fatigue Behaviour-D.-Buttinelli

Thermomechanical Treatment of Various Beta Processed-JF-Uginet-Fortech-Pamiers

Effect of Heating-Rate on the Formation-Kei-Ameyama-Teruhiko-Inaba

Thermomechanical Treatment to Diminish-H.-G.-Suzuki

Effect of Oxygen content on Microstructure and Properties-J.-R.-Wood

Effects of Deformation Temperature on-H.-Ohyama

Effects of Hydrogen on the Structure and Properties-J.-R.-Wood

Effects of Microstructure on Tensile Properties-Francois-Charles-Dary

Omega Phase Formation in-G.-T.-Gary-III

On Crack Mechanism of-Y.-G.-Zhou

On Effects of Beta Fleck on the Properties-Y.-G.-Zhou

Optimization of Service Properties for Titanium-H.-Puschnik-J.-Fladischer

Oxygen Effects on the Mechanical Properties-W.-M.-Parris

Fatigue and Fracture Toughness Properties-T.-Matsumoto-T.-Nishimura

Fatigue Fracture of Cold Rolled Titanium in Vacuum-Mikio-Sugano

Quantitative Texture Analysis of-A.-W.-Bowen

Microstructural Modification and Analysis-Z.-X.-Guo-and-T.-N.-Baker

Role of Composition and Microstructure-R.-W.-Judy

Room and Elevated Temperature Properties of-M.-Peters

Microstructural Stabiliy of-M.-W.-Mahoney,-P.-L.-Martin

Study of Creep Crack Growth Behavior of-M.-Khobaib

The Mechanical Properties of Ternary and Quaternary-R.-G.-Rowe

The Role of Input Powder Microstructure and Extrusion Conditions-M.-F.-X.-Gigliotti

Theoretical Design of-M.-Morinaga

Thermodynamics Aided Design of-H.-Onodera

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Refractory Metal-P.-L.-Martin

TMP Conditions-Microstructure-Mechanical-A.-K.-Chakrabati

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties-D.-Upadhyaya-D.-M.-Blackketter

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties-M.-Ishikawa-O.-Kuboyama

Void Nucleation, Void Growth and Tensile Behavior-Harold-Margolin

Microstructure and Texture Control of Hexagonal-M.-J.-Philippe

Microstructure Property Relationships for the Alpha-BJ-Marquardt

Microstructure-Property Relationships in Titanium Alloys-R.-R.-Boyer

Structural Stability of-Agnes-Henri-Alain-Vassel

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