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WTCP 1988 Volume 4 - Surfaces
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A Comparison of Wet Fracture-X.-Cai

Effect of Heat Treatment-Y.-Wu

Alumina Coating on Titanium-H.-Matsumoto

Effect of Iron Content-T.-Watanabe

Effect of Oxidation Treatment-Z.-Li

Characteristics of Anodized Titanium-Hidetoshi-Yamaguchi

Comparison Between the Kinetics-F.-Priem

Contribution to the Influcence of Cutting-H.-Buhl

Corrosion Fatigue Resistance-G.-R.-Yoder

Effect of Pd Addition-Y.-Shida

Dissolution of Oxygen-A.-M.-Chaze

Effects of Unanalyzed Mass-P.-Mille

Fatigue of Nitrogen Ion-J.-J.-Wang

Influence of Surface Treatment-H.-Gray

Formation and Properties of Rutile-G.-Bertrand

Grinding of Titanium with Jet Infusion-N.-Kumagai

High Power Laser Surface Treatments-J.-P.-Massoud

Influence on Fretting Fatigue-M.-Thoma

Hot Corrosion of Titanium-F.-Nardou

Hydrogen Absorption in Titanium-A.-Dowson

Oxidation Resistant Coatings-N.-W.-Kearns

Oxynitriding of Titanium-A.-Guillou

Properties of Plasma Nitrided-J.-Lanagan

Laser Surface Alloying of Titanium-S.-Z.-Lee

Properties of Surface Oxides-P.-A.-Mausli

Metallurgical Factors-Mineo-Kobayashi

Study of the Fatigue Parameters-C.-Jarboui

Nitruration Du TA6V4-J.-P.-Bars

Study on Galvanic Corrosion-Xiangrong-Zhu

Surface Engineering of Titanium-P.-H.-Morton

Plasma Processing of Titanium-R.-R.-Kieschke

Surface Modifications of Ti-P.-Mille

The First Stages of the Oxidation-F.-Armanet

Reactivity of the Surface of Titanium-E.-M.-M.-Sutter

Role of Temperature and Pressure-T.-Jaszay

The Implantation of Phosphorus-S.-Ferdjani

The Ion Nitriding of Titanium-Y.-S.-Hu

Stress Corrosion Cracking-R.-W.-Judy-Jr.

Titanium Alloy Crevice Corrosion-R.-W.-Schutz

Tribological Behaviour of Titanium-Y.-Berthier

Water Jet Erosion Behavior-Y.-Shida

Wear Problems in Small Displacements-C.-Chamont

Where to Find the Cause of the Periodic Rupture-G.-Bertrand

XPS and AES Study-E.-A.-Garcia

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