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WTCP 1988 Volume 3 - Forming
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The Relationship Between Manufacturing-J.-D.-Alexander

A Comparison of the High-A.-Salam

The Structure of Localized Shear-J.-Billy

A Feasibility Study-A.-Elahouel

Bi Direction Fold Rolling-J.-Zhang

Bonding Conditions-Seishiro-Yoshiwara

Thermal Cutting of Thick-J.-Schutz

A Thermomechanical Treatment-G.-Wirth

Contribution of Phase Transformation-D.-Leriche

Thermomechanical 6-4 Forging-B.-Vandercastele

Deformation of Electron Beam-P.-G.-Partridge

Design of Superplastic Titanium-H.-Onodera

Deformation of Extruded Titanium-D.-V.-Dunford

Experiences on the Shielding-G.-Cumino

Effect of High Pressure-I.-E.-Locci

Free Machining Titanium-Sadayuki-Nakamura

Effect of Hydrogen-Abhijit-Dutta

Grain Growth in Blended-F.-H.-Froes

Effect of Process Parameters-S.-K.-Marya

Effect of the Phase Transformation-H.-G.-Suzuki

Isothermal Forging-T.-Yamauchi

Effects of Forging-T.-Matsumoto

Joining of Titanium-B.-Wielage

Forming Limit Diagrams--R.-Arrieux

Laser Welding of Titanium-B.-Juckenath

Forming of the Structure-F.-Grosman

Mechanical Behavior Under Hot-B.-Vandercastele

Influence of Microstructure-R.-Penelle

Influence of Welding Parameters-M.-A.-Daeubler

Numerical Simulation-M.-Bellet

Microstructural Change During High-N.-Furushiro

On the Basketweave-Zhang-Zhi-Fang

Microstructure and Mechanical Property-A.-K.-Chakrabarti

Production of Seamless Titanium-P.-T.-Finden

Microstructure Refinement-D.-Eylon

Recent Advances in Superplasticity-P.-J.-Winkler

Relationship Between Thermo-J.-F.-Uginet

Near Net Shape Forging-Atsushi-Hasegawa

Role of Transformation Microstructure-M.-A.-Imam

Shear Deformation and Breakup-G.-Welsch

New Laser Perforating-K.-R.-Perun

Structure and Properties-D.-E.-Thomas

Texture Analysis of Anisotropic-A.-W.-Bowen

Titanium Precision Forgings-G.-W.-Kuhlman

New Trends in Titanium-J.-Charles

The Development of Titanium-B.-Norris

The Diffusion Bonding-G.-A.-Fitzpatrick

The Effects of Air Contamination-I.-Aho-Mantila

The Effects of Processing-J.-S.-Park

The Isothermal Forging-D.-J.-Smith

The Production of Zirconium-A.-F.-Condliff

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