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WTCP 1988 Volume 2 - New Processes and Alloys
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A Method to Evaluate the Bonding-A.-Vassel

Titanium Production by the Electrolysis-P.-Paillere

Development of Rapidly Solidified-C.-M.-Cooke

Amorphous Phase Formation in the System-R.-Sundaresan

Development of the Titanium-Magnesium-R.-Sundaresan

Beta-CEZ A high Perfromance Titanium-B.-Prandi

Binary TiAl Alloys Processed-S.-C.-Huang

Effect of Hydrogen on the Shape-T.-Asaoka

Characterization of Rapidly Solidified-G.-Venkataraman

Compaction of Titanium Aluminide-K.-R.-Teal

Control of Beta Grain Size and Shape-S.-Naka

Effect of Temporary Alloying-L.-S.-Steele

Deformation in Alpha 2 Titanium-B.-J.-Marquardt

Dispersion Strengthened Titanium Alloys-R.-Sundaresan

Effects of Heat Treatments-R.-Taillard

Engineered Titanium-Base Structural Materials-F.-H.-Froes

Experience in the Production-B.-Prandi

Mechanical Properties and Microstructure-G.-Venkataraman

Fracture Mechanisms in Titanium-C.-H.-Ward

Fundamental Studies of Titanium Based-G.-Das

Mechanical Properties and Microstructures-Ch.-Hartig

Mechanical Properties and Oxidation-J.-Breme

Microstructural Development and High Temperature-M.-F.-X.-Gigliotti

Investigation on Phase Transitions-J.-Rao

Microstructural Development in Ti-Al Alloys-J.-C.-Mishurda

Microstructural Study of Ti-Based-D.-G.-Konitzer

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties-G.-Frommeyer

Microstructure and Phase Investigation-Y.-T.-Lee

Morphology of Alpha Phase-I.-Weiss

Microstructure and Phase Relations-D.-Banerjee

Microstructure and Properties ofNiTi-S.-Eucken

Oxidation of Aluminides-A.-I.-Kahveci

Plastic Deformation Behaviour of Rapidly-C.-Perrier

Microstructure and Tensile Properties-A.-K.-Gogia

Porus Titanium Compacts Prepared-T.-Ohno

Process to Produce Ti-Al Alloy-R.-O.-Suzuki

Properties of Ti3Al Nb Alloys-S.-C.-Jha

Phase Relationships in the-M.-J.-Kaufman

Phase Transformation and Internal Friction-K.-Sugimoto

Site Substitution Behaviour-T.-K.-Nandy

Shape Memory Effect-Tadashi-Hamada

Strengthening Mechanism of Ultra-High Strength-C.-Ouchi

Structural State, Crystallization, Physicho-Mechanical-Yu.-K.-Kovneristy

The Microstructure of Rapidly-J.-W.-Sears

The Plastic Deformation of Polycrystalline-S.-A.-Court

Thermal Stability of Rapidly-S.-Krishnamurthy

Ti-1100 A New High Temperature-P.-J.-Bania

Transmission Electron Microscope-M.-Thomas

Shape Recovery and Phase Transformation-T.-Sugimoto

The Effect of Dispersion-Modification-R.-G.-Rowe

The Effect of Lanthanum-R.-Yang

The Effect of Ytrium, Erbium and Boron-Toshio-Kainuma

The Effects of Er Additions to Melt-A.-G.-Jackson

Titanium Aluminide Alloys for Aerospace-A.-Khataee

Titanium Intermetallics Development Through-R.-Sundaresan



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