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WTCP 1988 Volume 1 - Physical and Mechanical Properties
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Crack Propagation Behaviour-Jurgen-Specht

Analysis of Plastic Anistrophy-A.-Pochettino

Crack Propagation in Ti-Alloys-G.-Lutjering

Creep Behavior of Ti-6242-W.-Cho

Cryogenic Properties of Extra-Low Oxygen-Y.-Ito

Crystallographic and Morphological-I.-V.-Gorynin

Creep Fatigue Interactions-D.-F.-Neal

Development and Evaluation of High-D.-F.-Neal

Evolution of Textures and Mechanical-M.-J.-Philippe

Fatigue Crack Growth in Titanium-T.-P.-Wilks

Development and Evaluation-D.-F.-Neal

Effect of Texture and Tensile-C.-Muller

Effect of Minor Alloying-C.-G.-Rhodes

Hydrogen Embrittlement Behavior-Akira-Nozue

Effect of Texture on the Dwell-M.-R.-Winstone

Interdiffusion Dans Les Solutions-D.-Ansel

Investigationsof the Influence of Creep-U.-Zwicker

Effect of Yield Stress and-B,-Dogan

Effects of Oxygen on-A.-I.-Kahveci

Influence of Composition-K.-Sugimoto

Low-Cycle Fatigue in a-B.-Vittemant

Mechanism of Tensile Deformation-Jiang-Kaiyan

Influence of Peak Pressure-G.-T.-Gray III

Multiple Regression Analysis of-S.-Ankem

Negative Temperature Dependence-M.-Ikeda

Influence of Strain Rate on the-G.-T.-Gray-III

Numerical Analysis of Necking-M.-F.-Vieira

Mechanical Behaviour of a Forged-D.-Leriche

On the Analysis of Plastic-H.-W.-Rosenberg

Mechanical Properties and Age-Mitsutane-Fujita

Propagation of Small Fatigue-L.-Wagner

Mechanical Twinning in Polycrystalline-C.-U.-Nauer-Gerhardt

Microstructural Influence on Low-N.-D.-R.-Goddard

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties-D.-E.-Thomas

Superdislocatons in Oxygen-Rich Alpha-Zhendong-Liu

Superplastic Behavior of PM-Y.-Combres

The Preference for 1120 Slip-A.-W.-Bowen

The Properties and Microstructures-Y.-Deng

The Validity of Fracture-B.-Prandi

Thermo-Mechanical Processing-P.-S.-Bate

Toughness of Hydrogen Charged-M.-Niinomi

Tensile Properties and Plastic-S.-Hanada

Tensile Properties of-M.-T.-Cope

Variable Amplitude Fatigue Crack-C.-M.-Ward-Close

The Effect of Cold Rolling-M.-Okada

The Effect of Microstructure-W.-Duan

The Influence of Ageing Temperature-M.-T.-Cope

The Influence of Elevated-J.-E.-Allison

The Influence of Microstructure-A.-P.-Woodfield


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