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WTCP 1984 Volume 4 - Fatigue
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Table of Contents

Fatigue Behaviour of Ti-Mo Alloy Single Chrystals-Eiichi-Sukedai

Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior-M.-Peters

Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Acceleration in-A.-W.-Sommer

Cracking Resistance in Superhigh-Strength-G.-R.-Yoder

Fatigue Crack Propagation in Titanium Alloys-James-C.-Chesnutt

Fatigue Resistance Improvement of Ti-6Al-4V by Thermochemical Treatment-L.-Levin

Effect of Cold-Working on the Fatigue Strength-J.-Broichhausen


Fretting Fatigue Testing With a Fretting Bridge Equipment-E.-Broszeit

Relationship Between Primary Alpha Content, Tensile Properties and High-K.-Rudinger

High Temperature Fatigue Behavior-R.-Marissen

Relationship Between Surface Treatment and Fatigue Damage-P.-Mille

Influence of Microstructure and Mean Stress-S.-Adachi

Influence of Surface Treatment on Fatigue Strength-L.-Wagner

The Effect of Dwell-J.-White

The Effect of Microstructure and Stress Ratio-G.-T.-Gray

The Effect of Microstructure and Texture and the Low Cycle-Donald-S.-Shih

The Effect of Microstructure and Texture-Donald-S.-Shih

Microinhomogeneous Deformation of Alpha-Titanium Alloys-B.-B.-Chechulin

The Effect of Microstructure on Fatigue Crack Propagation-Y.-Ito

The Effect of Oxygen Content on the Fatigue-G.-T.-Gray-III

Relaxation of Shot Peening Induced Residual Stresses-O.-Vohringer

Simulated Flight FALSTAFF Fatigue-C.-M.-Ward-Close

Studies on Crack Growth-Shiro-Fujishiro

Surface Treatment of Titanium Alloys For Friction-D.-Treheux

The Fretting Fatigue Behaviour of the Titanium-E.-Broszeit

The High Temperature Low Cycle-P.-J.-Bania

The Influence of Thermal Processing on Fatigue Crack-C.-M.-Gilmore

The Role of Crack Closure in Rationalizing the Variations in Fatigue-J.-E.-Allison

The Strain Controlled Fatigue-M.-R.-Winstone

Optimizing of the Bending Fatigue Behaviour of TiAl6V4 by Shot Peening-Th.-Hirsch


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