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WTCP 1984 Volume 3 - Phase Transformation and Heat Treatment
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Table of Contents

Effect of Aluminium on Internal Friction Peak-K.-Sugimoto

Age Hardening Reactions-H.-M-Flower

Aging Behavior of Alpha-Martensite Formed-T.-Sugimoto

Application of the Zero-Range Method-H.-P.-Lee

Auger Electron Spectroscopy of the Interface-H.-J.-Dudek

Effect of Deformation on Phase Transformations-Yu.-K.-Kovneristy

Effect of Oxygen on Microstructure-M.-A.-Imam

Decomposition of the Beta-Phase-J.-Bechet

Deformation Due to Stress Induced Martensite-T.-Kawakata

Development of Microstructure and Texture-S.-Nourbakhsh

Grain Growth Relationships-S.-Ankem

Diffusion of Iron, Cobalt and Nickel-Hideo-Nakajima

Grain-Boundary Segregation of Beta-Stabilizing-I.-V.-Gorynin

Electronic Structure, Physical Properties and Stability-O.-P.-Nazimov

Investigation of Phase Equilibrium in Multi-Component-S.-P.-Alisova

Investigation of Ti-And Zr-Alloys with a Negative Teperature-O.-Loebich,-Jr

Mechanical and Microstructural Behavior-JG.-Malcor

Mechanical Properties of High Damping-A.-Hiromoto

Internal Friction Studies-Y.-Ito

Iron Diffusion in Hexagonal Close Packed Titanium-W.-F.-W.-M.-Van-Heugten

Mechanisms of Microstructure Refinement-I.-Weiss

Phase Equilibria in the Titanium-Aluminum System-R.-D.-Shull

Phase Separation in Deformed and Aged-G.-H.-Isaac

Phase Transformation and Heat Treatment in Ti Alloys-Yotaro-Murakami

New Investigation of the Ti-AI Phase Diagram-A.-Loiseau

Phase Transformation and Heat Treatments-Yotaro-Murakami

On the Nature of Alpha Beta Interfaces-D.-Banerjee

Phase Transformation in TiAl5Fe2.5 Alloy-J.-Breme

Orientation Dependent Grain-H.-J.-Bunge

Peculiarities of Phase and Structure-M.-N.-Bodyako

Phase Transformation of Ti-15Mo-5Zr-Shin-Ya-Komatsu

Phase Transformations During Thermal Treatment-A.-Namyslo

Quench Hardening of Titanium Low Alloys-I.-V.-Gorynin

Relation Between Anomalous Mechanical Behaviour-S.-J.-De-Souza

Relative Oreientations of Alpha-Phase-A.-W.-Bowen

The Effect of Si on the Microstructure of High-D.-Banerjee

Shape Memory Effect in Ti-Mo-Al Alloys-Hisaoki-Sasano

Solubility of YO in Liquid-Solid Titanium-M.-Hoch

The Effect of Zirconium and Oxygen-G.-K.-Scarr

Structure of Titanium Alloys Quenched From Inhomogeneous-V.-N.-Gridnev

Study of Chromium Solubility in a Pure-Titanium-F.-Faudot

The Age-Hardening Behaviour-A.-Vassel

The Plastic Deformation of Metastable-H.-M.-Flower

Titanium Nitrogen Phase Diagram-E.-Etchessahar

The Formation of Type 2alpha Phase-G.-H.-Isaac

The Formation of W-Phase-J.-P.-Simpson

The Influence of Carbon Additions on the Microstructure-A.-M.-Wardle

The Influence of Heat Treatment-A.-P.-Woodfield

Youngs Modulus and Damping Capacity-Y.-T.-Lee


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