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WTCP 1984 Volume 1 - Raw Material, Melting, Casting, Recycling
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An Evaluation of Centrifugally Cast Ti-4AI-4Mo-2Sn-0.5Si-IMI 550- Alloy-M.-W.-Kearns

Recycling of Titanium Chips-K.-H.-Kramer,-K.-Hulse,-E.-Detemple

Recycling of Titanium Scrap for the Production of High-Duty Aerospace Components-H.-Jaeger

Deeside Titanium Limited-A New European Source of Raw Titanium-D.-Smith

Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing and Heat Treatment on Fatigue Properties of Ti-6AI-4V Castings-D.-Eylon

Evaluation of Centrifugally Cast TiAI5Fe2.5 Alloy for Implant Material-U.-Zwicker

Experience of Vacuum Arc Melting With Non-Consumable and Consumable Electrode-K.-Rudinger

Improvement of Homogeneity in Large Diameter C.P. Titanium Ingots-H.-Shiraishi

Melting of Ti-6Al-4V Solid Scarp Using a Plasma Electron Beam Furnace-Keizo-Murase,

New Melting Concepts for Titanium Alloys.W.-Dietrich

New Process for the Treatment and Control of Waste Gasses From Chlorinator-Y.-Matsumoto

Nontraditional Thermal Processing of Hiped Investment Cast Ti-6Al-4V Alloy-S.-M.-Soltesz

Observations on the Electron-Beam Melting of Titanium and Its Alloys-A.-Mitchell

Physicochemical Fundamentals of Obtaining Synthetic Titanates-V.-A.-Reznichenko

Process For Removal of High Density Inclusions From Titanium Turnings-J.-E.-Dresty,-Jr.

Production of Large Titanium Investment Castings-C.-Ellebrecht

Production of Masteralloys for the Titanium Industry by the Gfe-Two-Stage-Process-R.-Hahn

Quality Assurance in Processing and Using of Scrap for Ingot Melting-K.-Rudinger

Requirements for Recycling of Valuable Chips from and for Aircraft Manufacturing-J.-Berggreen

Role Evaluation of the Factors Affecting Titanium Sponge Quality-A.-A.-Golubev

Semi-Solid Processing of Titanium-Base Alloys-B.-Toloui

Some Particularities of High-Purity Titanium Tetrachloride-N.-V.-Galitsky

Status and Prospects for the Development of Titanium Sponge Production-A.-N.-Petrunko

Structural, Electrophysical and Electrochemical Properties of Titanium-Yu.-K.-Kovneristy

Titanium Investment Casting-Production, Properties and Applications-Dr.-Ch.-Liesner

TTT-Diagram For Ti-Based Amorphous Alloy of Ti-Ni-Cu-Si System-V.-V.-Molokanov


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