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The Benefits of Joining ITA
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Thank You For Your Interest In Joining The International Titanium Association!

You may be surprised to learn that membership with the ITA can be as low as $3 a day....

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3 a Day Goes a Long Way...You may be surprised to learn that membership with the International Titanium Association can be as low as $3 a day.

Members of the ITA receive:

  • Timely information on current happenings in the industry,
  • The Annual Statistical Review,
  • Quarterly issues of the Titanium Today magazine,
  • Referrals from the public interested in using titanium,
  • Technical bulletins provided by ITA committees,
  • Executive Summary reports and conference proceedings,
  • Career Opportunities, Professional Mentoring Programs, Networking events, Dissemination about your products & services,
  • Substantial discounts on continuing education, networking events, and the annual TITANIUM conference series.
  • Opportunity to promote your organization through sponsorship, advertising, dissemination of literature.

It's a great time to dedicate just $3 a day to support the Association, a not for profit organization where 90% of every dollar collected goes right back into the quality programming and committee support the titanium industry has come to expect.

Whether you buy from or sell to the titanium industry, the International Titanium Association has valuable resources available to your organization for a small annual investment.

We hope you will consider a small annual investment as part of your professional membership budget.  We look forward to working with you through your membership with the ITA.

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ITA is the global trade association of the world's primary titanium metal producers who together account for over 90% of worldwide titanium production.  Since 1984, ITA’s mission has been to promote and support the use of titanium metal in new and existing applications.  ITA provides a forum for the exchange of ideas within the industry and educates the public on every aspect of using titanium metal within their design.  From life cycle costing to welding; from metallography to metallurgy, ITA offers literature, webinars and in person instruction on all aspects of education.  ITA is considered the center of excellence for all information on titanium metal and currently hosts over 250 member organizations representing North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


ITA works with other international metals associations and government agencies to develop and promote safe handling and transporting of titanium materials through the Safety Committee.

ITA is actively involved with programs that examine the role of titanium in human health and the environment through the administration of the REACH Titanium Consortium.

ITA pursues market development through a worldwide network of highly qualified specialists, offering free technical knowledge about titanium, its properties and long life cycle through market oriented committees (Industrial, Medical, Consumer Applications and Aerospace).

ITA promotes the long term use of titanium metal to contribute to a sustainable future.

ITA invests in the future growth of industry by underwriting academic and STEM related programs through the Education committee.

ITA shares knowledge freely and does not conduct commercial or trading operations of any kind.

ITA does not provide forecasts or comments related to titanium pricing, capacity or forecasts from the past, present for future.

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